Call for 2024

Region Smart City Awards*

*Special focus on emerging cities in Asia

Asia holds 60% of the global population. With its diverse ethnicities, geographical environments, historical cultures, and economic development backgrounds, urban development in this region is full of tremendous potential and rich diversity. In order to further encourage and promote the development of these diverse cities, the 「Region Smart City Awards*」, has been established for the first time.

The aim of this award is to set benchmarks for the development of Asian cities by selecting and recognizing outstanding projects, enterprises, and leaders. By sharing their successful experiences, cases, and insights, we hope to connect the challenges of urban development with business solutions, promote substantive cooperation between government and business, and drive the smart transformation of Asian cities in digitalization, green low-carbon, and sustainable development fields.

Emerging Cities in Asia refer to Asian cities where the economy is rapidly growing and urbanization is accelerating. These cities usually have large populations, active commercial activities, and increasing international influence. They demonstrate significant development potential in various fields such as economy, technology, education, and culture. The main challenges faced by these cities include balancing infrastructure construction, environmental protection, and social welfare. Meanwhile, the strong interest and significant achievements of emerging cities in Asia in smart city construction and innovative technology applications are gradually becoming a focus of global attention.

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2024 Call For RSCA
is now Open!

Deadline for applications:
30 June 2024

5 - 7 NOVEMBER 2024

Who can participate?

Region Smart City Awards*(*Special focus on emerging cities in Asia)aims to acknowledge public and private sectors, research institutions, social organizations, and individuals for their solutions, experiences, achievements, strategies, and innovative ideas in urban management and development.